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The Andiamo philosophy is about Real Clothes for Real Women. We believe that feeling and looking great is about finding styles that work for you. Our customers love the fit, texture and consistent quality of our range. You’ll find that Andiamo will survive the daily hustle and bustle of an Australian woman’s life.

We design for women who are not slaves to fashion but appreciate style and enjoy new shapes with their figure and lifestyle in mind. We don’t really believe in ironing, so we use as many easy care and stretch fabrics as we can. We also don’t believe in being restricted by size or age – you are fabulous as you are and our clothes are here to serve you!


Laura Keogh


Keogh Studio (by Laura Keogh) is a clothing label reflecting on timeless design, versatility and draped silhouettes.  Each design explores the use of natural fibers and pattern making techniques with a focus on elegant simplicity.

Laura is focused on being 100% local and minimising fabric wastage, with all fabrics sourced in Australia and all garments designed, cut and sewn in their small studio in Newtown, Sydney.


Sylvia Riley Designs


Artist and Textile designer Sylvia Riley has travelled the globe for over ten years, learning handcrafts from the most prestigious artists of our time. While globetrotting, she practised and perfected her skill base, challenging herself and creating entirely new ways to colour fabric with a fusion of techniques and traditions from India, North America, Asia and Europe.

 By combining different disciplines and experimenting with variations of traditional techniques and non-traditional methods, Sylvia Riley creates hand dyed pieces that are impossible to replicate. When people take home a Sylvia Riley Design they will feel like they own a piece of nature.


Kimberley Tonkin the Label


Opposed to fast, disposable fashion, Karen's philosophy focuses on 'Slow Fashion' - clothing that does not date, and can be worn for many years.

Styling is elegant, sophisticated, refined and easy to care for, 

With strong attention to detail, exquisite fabrics and high quality finishes, garments are ethically produced, and proudly made in Australia. 


Karen Kwok


Karen has had many years' experience with many brands including but not limited to Zimmermann, Table 8, and Jets Swimwear. She is the owner of acquire@DESIGN, and her personal signature label focuses on very small runs where she  plays with interesting, textured fabrics and experiments with unusual patternmaking techniques and design shapes.


Archer & Paige


Josephine's label,  ​​​​Archer & Paige is a luxury women's fashion label. Australian designed, our fashion is tailored to enhance every silhouette. You will love our classic pieces in beautifully selected linen and cotton where comfort style and quality are the three most important features in the range. Made from the finest natural fabrics, in colours that coordinate and are easy to wear, you will love collecting pieces and adding to your wardrobe favourites creating a long-lasting collection that work well together



Dani Bennett Design


Dani Bennett Design focuses on hand made, high quality products. 

A business analyst by day, her creativity proliferates in many forms, mainly in sterling silver jewellery but does not stop there. She is currently working on products using japanese artisan technique such as izekategami.

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Fiona Martin


Fiona Martin is an environmental engineer by day.

She likes to source antique beads from far-away places such as Ethiopia, and artisan painted ceramic beads shaped as birds from the Southern Highlands and  other unusual beads from many other parts of Europe. She then strings with well considered styling.

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Handcrafted By Su


Perth Based, Sue Matthewson loves to create bold statement pieces using  neoprene as her main material. 

She also uses fine glass beads and other unusual materials, with her signature aesthetic.

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Lucy Morton Design


Lucy creates pieces that are of a sensory nature. They imply a feeling, whether perceived or actual, of movement through the use of organic flowing lines. Her works have a sense of tactility, enticing the viewer to want to hold and feel them in order to appreciate their sculptural form.

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Own Sweet Time


Own Sweet Time is by Sydney based designer Nadine Sharpe, who specialises in creating simple pieces that are bold, full of colour and lots of fun.  Using a range of mediums, such as polymer clay, resin and rope,, you will see a lot of colour and simple themes that create truly versatile jewellery. ​Own Sweet Time pieces can be worn every day, whether you are heading to the park with the kids, out for lunch or a night on the town. 


SPIKE the Metalsmith


Designer and Maker, Naoko Takase, has a japanese heritage which shows in her bold statement pieces. 

"My work explores the relationship between light and shadow – the beauty of antonyms. They become more powerful, with the other., "

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Pots by Emily


Originally from the U.K., Newtown local, Emily, individually creates pieces using, either slab built or wheel thrown techniques, using white earthenware clay.

Exclusive to acquire@DESIGN

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Gabby Malpas


New Zealand born Sydney based artist Gabby Malpas finds inspiration for her work from the tastes, sights and aromas that she experiences while living here in Sydney.  Her style of working with watercolours and inks is delicate and refined to an almost Zen-like level.

Gabby Malpas.com

Angel Aromatics


Angel aromatics is an australian manufacturer of unique, high quality, home fragrances. The secret to our success lies in sustainable raw materials, which we believe truly lead to the highest quality and safest products. Speaking of safe, all of our products are vegan friendly and not tested on our animal friends (except for our dog perfume of course).
Made in balmain australia, from renewable ingredients that are paraben and phthalate free. 


Jennifer Newton


Working from her home in Coogee, Jennifer’s ceramics are designed to be both decorative and practical homewares. All are handmade, either slab built or formed on the wheel, using white earthenware clay.

To individualise her pieces, Jennifer impresses natural and domestic objects from her surroundings into the surface of her ceramics and plays with engraving and relief work. Her pieces are irregular in their shape and tend to feature bold, strong colour patterns.


Maggie Paradyz


Exclusive to acquire@DESIGN, Maggie's ceramics comprise mostly from black clay. 

A material that has taken 2 years to develop the recipe, using oxides, silica, and other fine ingredients..

Her current OPAL series  pieces are meant to be shown as sets. They can be mounted onto the wall, or used as dishes around the home. All pieces are dishwashable and non-toxic.

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Peppermint Grove Candles


Based in the exquisite Southern Highlands of New South Wales, Peppermint Grove Australia captures the remarkable beauty and exquisite charm of Australian living. 

Their luxurious collection of candles, diffusers and bath & body products are hand poured in a highly polished custom-designed vessel that is unique to their brand, their story and their industry. We strive to offer only the highest quality products, sourced in an environmentally friendly and sustainable manner, to produce a collection that is sophisticated, timeless and of the utmost quality and care.



Jennifer Newton


Drawing inspiration from the world around her, Jennifer's paintings originate from photographs taken during her early morning walks or even from a moment on her travels.

Her use of media is mixed as she likes the playfullness of mixing inks, acrylics, watercolours and pastels to achieve the finished result she is searching for.

Gabby Malpas


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Melissa Mylchreest


As founder of King Street Press, publishing and design,Melissa uses her breadth of experience as Art Director across many great Australian brands including House & Garden, Notebook:, delicious.,   

With this, she uses an editorial lens to create unique design and experiences from websites, brand identity, books, packaging and photography that make you want to scroll down, click through or pick up and turn a page.

Suzanne Ladkin


Inner West local, Suzanne has extensive experience in the design. arena.  

First working as a fashion designer for many years with her business, she now works as a manager in property styling.

Her want to constantly create has taken her into the field of outdoor photography where she loves to experiment with the camera.

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